About EarnIn

Earnin is an Indian-based company which provides access to millions of micro-influencers to help advertisers grow their businesses. These individuals are willing to promote products/services in exchange for crowns, which can be redeemed for money!

Their platform makes it easy to find and interact with micro-influencers, while maintaining the integrity of the influencer ecosystem. It also provides a search engine for users to find relevant influencers based on their interests, geography and more! Earnin is built on blockchain technology which enhances trust in the market.

Our Aim

We want to empower people around the world by helping them make money from home, through our unique blockchain-based system that is easy to use and gives everyone a chance! Our unique platform connects content creators and advertisers through micro-influencers. This helps both sides achieve their individual goals and gain access to new audiences, resulting in much higher return on investment for brands!

The main aim of the company is to help influencers make money from regular online activities. You can discover what you're interested in or create a new career by becoming an influencer on the Earnin platform.

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