How to earn Crowns

If you are a Blogger or YouTuber or Influencer, and you want to earn Crowns by sharing deals with your Readers / Followers / Viewers, then Influencer Marketing is the way to go...

Step 1

  • Download App from Playstore
  • Register with your valid Mobile Number (Or) Email
  • Find DEALS (or) COUPONS nearby, Choose best DEAL to share on your network

Step 2

  • Go to specific Deals page
  • Find 2 types of sharing options, Image and Video
  • Select Image option and you will get sharing options to share on social platforms
  • You can share the brand Image on Facebook, Instagram Status, Insta Reels, Twitter etc..
  • Crowns will not be processed if any user shared deals to their friends/WhatsApp contacts/Telegram Groups/Telegram contacts and user may blocked without notice
  • When you share the brand image, your network will be able to see the Deal image along with the coupon code and the URL for the Deal landing page
  • After sharing click on - "I'm Done" button

Step 3

  • To get more Crowns select video option
  • Download all the assets like logo and graphics content
  • Click on Continue button and choose the option - "I'm Interested and I'll submit later" and Continue.
  • Using the instructions as a guideline, create your own video using your creativity
  • Please use the coupon code and URL in the video and description
  • Upload the video to YouTube, Use the URL and Coupon code in the description
  • Copy the YouTube URL and open the EarnIn App
  • You can see pending video share deal in the bottom of the app screen
  • Click on the Pending button and select - "I've done my own video"
  • Enter YouTube URL in the textbox and submit

Step 4

  • It will be determined how many crowns are assigned based on the amount of traffic generated by you and your network
  • Any member of your network who uses your coupon code will earn you additional Crowns
  • As a result of Video sharing, more crowns are earned than through Image sharing
  • The My Coins screen provides access to traffic and crowns
  • Add your Bank Account to get Rewards
  • Payment process will take at least 7 business days from the date of withdrawal request
  • The withdrawal of Crowns is limited to 60% of the total Crowns
  • In the future, the value of crowns will not remain constant
  • As a result, EarnIn has the right to reclaim crowns in certain circumstances, such as fraud, misrepresentation, unforeseen circumstances, etc

The main aim of the company is to help influencers to get Crowns from regular online activities. You can discover what you're interested in or create a new career by becoming an influencer on the Earnin platform.

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